Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fiji: March 18, Underwater at Two Trees Island

Two Trees Island, Kadavu, Fiji
This is Two Trees Island. The reason for the name is more obvious from the landward view.
Underwater photo of coral reef near Two Trees Island, Kadavu, Fiji
I'd gone snorkeling a couple of times, and it was beautiful, but the reef was so far down there was no point in trying to take photos. 
At Two Trees, though, the reef came right up to the waves at low tide, so I finally gave my little Lumix a good workout. 
Cabbage coral, Kadavu, Fiji
A lush cabbage patch! This wavy green stuff is called Cabbage Coral. It really is lime green, even brighter and greener than these photos.
Our fearless leader, Diver Ed.
The starfish - oops, I mean sea stars - were gorgeous, deep, ultramarine blue. They are Linckia laevigata, the Blue Star. The last time I saw a blue like this was at the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakesh.
This is a White Bumpy Coral. I don't know the names of most of the things I saw on the reef. If you know, chime in please!
Look at the marvelous gold pinstripe around the eye.

I spent a long time hovering over a coral head these little blue fish had staked out as their territory. When a predator (or photographer) gets too close, they dart back into the coral arms.  It was hard to stay in position because the waves and the tide kept pushing me away. I had to swim ahead fast, and then take photos as quickly as I could while being floated past the coral head!

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