Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Gift and an Experiment

jpg test
To be more precise, it is an experiment in giving a gift to you. Well, I hope it's a gift, anyway! I've wanted to make some photos available as desktop wallpapers to you for a while, and have had the darndest time figuring out how. I think Google Docs may be the answer, and I'm wondering if you'd be willing to try this image out for me? It is 1600x1200, so it should fit all but the most gigantic monitors. It won't make a very nice print, but it will make a lovely background on your computer. Absolutely free, of course!

1. Click on the photo. Just a regular click, not a right-click. It will open in Google Docs. (You don't need to have an account there.) 
2. When it opens in Google Docs, look at the top left of the screen. 
 See the little black arrow pointing down? Click that to download the photo. 
3. A window will pop up something like this:
Go ahead and save it. It will probably go into your Downloads folder, depending on how you've set up your computer. 
4. Open your System Preferences and choose Desktop. Select the Download folder (if that is where you saved the image.) Then select the image and choose "Fill screen."
5. Look at your desktop - there should be amber waves of grain in front of a sandy beach.

Please let me know if you have any trouble with the download process, if the copyright information is subtle enough, or any other constructive criticism that springs to mind.

Just two little notes about copyright:
1. Other bloggers, please don't share this as a direct download on your own blog, but feel free to link here so your readers can enjoy.
2. Please don't sell this image in any format or use it for commercial or editorial purposes.

And while we're here, anybody recognize that view?


  1. Jennifer,
    We have a large Mac (I measure 26" across); I am not tech savvy in the least but here is what I experience with these two: If I click the .jpg to make it a bit larger, I am not able to right click on the mouse and make it a background, so I can only do it from the smaller size embedded in the post, and on my large screen, it is not the clearest. When I click on the .pdf to make it larger it doesn't show up. Lovely photo and very sweet to make it a wallpaper for us! It may just be me or my computer...don't know.

    1. Diana, Thanks so much for trying it - I've posted clearer instructions. Would you be willing to give it another go?

  2. I am not an expert on computers either. I downloaded both photos and made both my wall paper but they are both two small. They stand in the middle of the screen they don't cover the whole screen. I tried to make them bigger but still they weren't big enough.

    1. Hi Ariadne, It sounds like you and Diana might have tried to download by right-clicking. Could you give the new instructions in the post a try? I think my original post was not very clear.