Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sand Patterns, Ogunquit, Maine

 The beaches at Ogunquit had an amazing variety of patterns left by wind and wave action. I couldn't stop taking photos of them:

Maybe because my home shoreline is so rocky, sand fascinates me. There's a marvelous blog called Through the Sandglass whose author, Michael Welland, offers up fascinating tidbits about the physics of sand movement, creatures that dwell in sand (like the sand skink, which swims right through it!), and other sand-oriented info.

Yes, that stretch of beach was really and truly pink. I believe the color comes from nearby formations of pink granite. Doesn't it look like strawberry frosting?

June 2, 2013
P.S. Just found out the pink in pink granite (and therefore in this sand) comes from a mineral called  feldspar.


  1. Yes... strawberry frosting! :-) Where did you see the first sand formation?
    Now I know what you were doing out on those very early morning walks!

    1. The one that looks like upside-down antlers? That was on the banks by the bridge out to the beach/parking area.